Gallbladder Health: Foods To Eat and Avoid


The gallbladder is one of the body’s many organs that tend to be neglected when it comes to health and disease prevention. This small pear-shaped organ that is responsible for the collection and storage of bile, just isn’t thought about.

This is, however, until something like gallstones occur- ouch! To avoid gallstones and other gallbladder related issues, certain foods are best avoided while others should be consumed regularly. Here are a few that fall into each category.

Foods To Avoid

Excess fat

Bile produced by the gallbladder is essential for breaking down fat. However, eating too much fat increases the risk of the gallbladder going into overdrive. Essentially, when this happens, it produces too much bile which can lead to the formation of painful gallstones.

Anything too spicy

You may have heard that spicy foods can increase the risk of a gallbladder attack. While this may be true, it doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone.

However, if you’re prone to gallbladder problems and/or already have gallstones, avoiding spicy foods that could cause irritation within the internal organs is recommended.


Dairy, as most of us know, was not intended for human consumption. Due to this, many of us are already lactose intolerant or sensitive – with or without knowing it.

In addition, dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, cream, and milk are often high in fat, which should be avoided if you suffer from issues with your gallbladder.

Refined carbohydrates

Although the majority of human food is made with carbohydrates, refined carbohydrates are what tend to cause problems such as gallbladder disorders.

Refined carbohydrates include things like flour, sweeteners, sugar, starch, and grains. Too many refined carbohydrate rich foods can increase the chances of a gallbladder attack.

Foods To Eat

Oranges (vitamin C)

In various studies, it was found that people with higher levels of vitamin C in their systems were less likely to have gallbladder issues.

They were also less likely to develop gallstones. Vitamin C supplements can be found in supermarkets and drugstores, but in general, getting vitamin C from a natural source -oranges, for example- is better.

Kale (calcium)

High calcium levels in the body also seem to be linked to lowered risk of gallstones and gallbladder disorders. Calcium is found in all sorts of leafy greens such as kale and broccoli.

It’s also found in many dairy products, but as mentioned above, dairy should be avoided. Nut milks fortified with calcium might also be a good choice.

Chicken (lean protein)

Although chicken isn’t the only source of lean protein available, it is a great, highly versatile staple food that is easy to cook with. In addition to chicken and other white meat without fat, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts and seeds are fantastic sources.


According to some studies, coffee can be beneficial in increasing gallbladder health. Coffee intake should be limited, though’ one or two cups a day is the ideal amount.

Towards a Healthier Home: The Benefits of Professionally Cleaned Tiles and Grout

There is no doubt that tiles are beautiful touches to our homes, adding texture and character to spaces such as the outdoor patio, entryway, kitchen, and the bathroom.

But, it is also important to know that the areas in our home where these tiles or stone floors add beauty and aesthetic appeal are also the same spaces that are most susceptible to dirt, dust, stains, and germs. This does not only make your tiles look dreary, but also serves as the breeding grounds for harmful germs and disease-causing bacteria which puts you and your family’s health at risk.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services for a Cleaner, Healthier Home

Tile and grout cleaning is one of the toughest jobs any homeowner can do. But you’ll be more frustrated once you will know that sweating your way to achieving bright and fresh-looking tiles can only do so little when it comes to eliminating bacteria and germs. You see, a clean surface does not mean its free from bacteria.

But, don’t fret. Now you can keep your tiles looking at their best while at the same time enjoy a clean and health-friendly home with the help of professional tile and grout cleaning services.

Below are the top four benefits you can get when you have your tiles and grout cleaned by the experts, instead of doing it yourself.


  • It’s the best way to remove deep-seated dirt and grimes.


Over time dirt and stains build up on your tiles which also discolor your grout. All the hours you spend on your knees cleaning these difficult areas yourself can only do so much to make a difference, still leaving the same dingy tiles. Only a professional cleaning service can provide you with exceptional results allowing you to achieve cleaner tiles that look as good as when you newly-purchased them. Plus, professional cleaners usually don’t just clean your tiles, they also reseal your grout which serves to prevent dirt and moisture from seeping its way into the grout and under the surface of your tiles.


  • Quality results like no other.


Professional cleaning companies have the necessary tools and quality cleaning products to provide you with the most desirable results which a DIY cleaning approach cannot achieve.


  • Save your time and money.


It takes hard work to clean your tiles and grout, and not to mention, it can consume a lot of your time. Save yourself from the back pain and spend your time with the people or activities that matter to you the most by having the experts do the job for you. Moreover, professional cleaning helps maintain the quality of your tiles and is one of the easiest ways to extend the life of your tiles and floors.


  • Eliminate disease-causing bacteria and germs.


Only professional cleaning can ensure that you get a thorough cleaning that goes beyond giving you bright and fresh-looking tiles, but also eliminates harmful and disease-causing germs and bacteria. If chronic illnesses such as asthma and various allergies seem to bother you or your family members often, it can be one of the telltale signs your tiles and floors badly needed deep cleaning.

Your home is your family’s sanctuary. That said, having a healthy and clean home is important to ensure your home is a safe place for everyone in the family. A professional tile and grout cleaning service is important not just to keep your tiles looking at their best, but more importantly to protect your family’s health.